Ladies and gentleman, I wont to pologize of behalf of my liberel cousin.

I mean, who the hell he thank he is?

Dont nobody wont to read his opinoins!

He red a book or too, thanks he nose somethin about books!

Who he thank he is? I mean rilly.

DOne put his name on a web site, like he was Tobey Kieth or somebodey famos!

I usally get on here an talk abuot poloticks and whatall, but I aint got the patents or the time no more!

Anit nobody care bout your opinoins, Michael! Wont yuo do us a faver and shut this blog down!

Dont nobody care what yuor dang librel opinion is abuot nothen!

And you writeing poems now? I got one rihgt here:

Roses is red
Vilets is blue
Librols is stupid, MIchael
And so are you!

Dang loudmouth libral! Shut yer dang nmouth!

I pologize, to all the good, decent, people, and, I wont ya’ll to not be mad at me, just cuose Micheal is my cousin.

DIstant cousin.


  1. Ronald,

    As I told you from the very beginning, you can write whatever you want here on my blog. And if you really just want to run me down, if that’s really all you have to write about, well, I’m not going to stop you.

    But could you at least be more specific, with regard to your personal attacks against me? This sort of disorganized rant doesn’t really accomplish anything, man.

    I’m just saying.

    And was that you who left the threatening comment on my “Sonnets” post? Did you use a proxy server to do that, or was that just random spam?

    If so, I guess those spammers are getting a little more post-specific with their spam messages.

    Anyways, I just wanted to offer my two cents here.

    Have a great one!



    1. Micheal, I did not leave no thereating message nowhere on this web blog. I aint got time to do that sort fo mess.

      I apologzie for my actoins. But I dont pologize for my fellings.

      You oughten be ashemad of yuorself, writing all this heathen mess on the internet. Internet is bad enough withuot you making ti worse.

      I aint writing no more web blog posts for you.

      But I will pray for you.


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