My libral letfist cousin done prety much quit this web blog here, says it don’t make no money, says he dont figure its gone to.

Hell, I could of told him that. Aint nobody care about no leftist junk on no web blog. He aint as bad as some, though. I seent this one letfist tried to tell me Presdent Trump got a Russian women to use the bathroom on him.

Can you magine? Them letfists is weird, man. How you even come up with something like peein on somebody?

Thats’ sick!

ANd now theys trine to say Trump had a “affare” with some porno actress!

Its like they caint just let the man be President! I mean it ain’t like we got BARRY SOTERO in there no more, trine to put good folks like me in the poorhouse and take are guns!

Yall no who BARRY SOTERO is, don’t you? Why, hes’ the one past Obamacare and done bout ruint the hole country! Ya’ll might not no this though: lots of folks (hell, everbody dang near) thanks BARRY SOTERO was from Kenya. I bleeve that was a onist mistake, but I seent this youtube videa what said the real truth of the matter is that BARY SOTERO was a alien.

Like not a laien in the cents of like somebody from a nother country, like a alien from space.

And you might thank I’s line, but I aint’. Feller on that vidya said BARRY SOTERO come from somewhere out past the Soler Systeme, and he was trine to make poeple uset to aleins, and thats’ why he was always trine to pass “universal helthcare”, so when he went to the docter the docter’d no how to cure what ailed him!

And BARRY SOTERo was trine to take are guns, because when the rest of the aleins comes, they aint’ want us to have no way to fight back!

and KILLERY, dont’ get me started! She aint’ no laein (far as i no, ha ha) but shes’ a dang site worser then BARRY SOTERO even if she aint’.

Her and “SLICK WILLY” went around killen poeple left an right. You member BENGAHZI? KILLERY set up them poor solders, just so them Mulsims could kill em dead! And SLICK WILLEY sittin there laughin the hole time!

ANd PIZZAGATE wudnt’ no conspericy! Them DEMOCRAPS went in there and filed in that dungein usin alein technoligy, hollygrams and that sort of stuff!

I feel sorry for them letfists, whut caint’ see the truth!

Trine to say Trump had a affare with a porno women! And sayin he said this porno women looked like his daughter!

Where them leftist come up with this sort of stuff? Like they ain’t got nothin better to do than try to defame a honets man lik Donald Trump!

I hope Donleld Trump cleans house on em! Get all them librals and leftis out of the govmnet. Then maybe Ill’ be able to afford to go to the docter agian.

My dang inserents went up this pass month. I ain’t sure I can afford it no more, to be honest.

And it ain’t Trump done it. No sir.

My “leftist lebral” cousin tried to tell me it was cause subsidys from the govment got cut by Trump, whys’ my insurence went up, but that aint’ the truth .

Truth is, BARRY SOTERO and KILLERY got in with the aleins, and they dont’ want nobody like me round when the invasein starts. So theys’ gone cut me off my insurence, and try agiain to take my guns away!

NO SIR. Aint’ gone to happen!

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